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Throughout the world, I’d very proud of best refined sword products anywhere in Japan that called katana and I’ve been here.

Recently getting people know Japanese katana popular one of the best excellent sword products famed in the world.
Welcome to our site.

If you want to know katana , you can see the movies, at the museum, TV, books, sword shop you would see the activity fight of sword work, scandal, art of craft, accident, hatred things, exchange money, deal, false named brand , how come expensive katana, lost story, however cruelty and ultimately stories.

Historically Japanese sword originated culture (style curving) since 800years or over more that handed down by research. Curiously how come Famous? It’s weapon therefore refined craft but artistic. ( ex, curving spirit image in blade and shape etc) it meaning extra handmade, splendid sharp blade, well, values price expensive wondering name of brand etc, that fact dealing like treasure and extend over the long story. I would say very interesting, actually attractive fun rich stories within and appreciate to part of sword and also scabbard fitting mount art history.

How do you feel stories? I’m a collector enthusiastically. Always wants to see and find out lot of swords.

Please ask something, any question, I’ll do my best answer to your mail address or phone and please teach us your country swords stories, I’m very interested in you collections. In case exchange the stories.

The katana permitted (Gov JPN) possess us, classification of ART position.

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