Shopping guide

Order exports rule

Nowadays, we are possible export when you purchased the sword to outside of JPN.

But you’d need a time to wait. Register service by JPN about few days and transit (I’d do all formalities circumstances.)

I’ll order FedEx int’l or EMS transport JPN service guess around 1month (30day min ) to will obtain.

To order I’ll ask to you some under the records. Please prepare when you order and write down form.

  • We don’t work export another shop items, also combinations.
  • One order sword 1 to 2 items mean, sword and kosirae (scabbard), add, 1 sword or more we need extra office charges, will be changed total price.
    When we sold article ( sword, fitting equipment etc ) I don’t buy and not accept your return article by export. And we don’t return cash money also not cards. Please will be careful to order read up form and instructions except be broken case or especially trade.
  • If you ordering items we’re keep it 7days. CARRENTLY ( USE YEN \ JPN
  • We confirmed deposit, it extend term 20days. Deposit 10% minimum.
  • When you want cancelled after payment the deposit, we don’t return money.

Dear collector

Well, thanks watch us and rule understand, We’ll introduce update new topics, new items I’ll do the best work less price and guide always thinking and waiting to talk greeting time.

Please give us any messages. Thanks.


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